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08 september 2016
New sliding mechanism for door cassettes is already in stock!
05 september 2016
Welcome to check our new model of the door handle!


Stone veneer Stone Resident

Stone veneer Stone Resident

Design and features of slide&fold doors

For those who pay attention to the doors and interior fashion it will not be a secret that the slide&fold type of doors is quite a new and interesting solution for different types of appartments.

That is because the use of such a harware gives extra possibilities for interior planning.

Nevertheless, even those mechanisms are popular, many people do not see difference between different models of them. As our company offers all possible types of them we decided to make a description of each model which will help you to choose the right option for you and to avoid mistakes.

The first type is called "Pantograph" - when using it the door folds into two similar halves and "lays" on the doorframe perpendicularly. The use of that type of the mechanism requires special flush door handles. The link to that mechanism is shown below:

Rezident Pan 2

The link for flush door handle and WC closer may be found below:



Sometimes it is important or even necessary to use more or less classic handles which is impossible on PAN-2 mechanism (the door will not fold for 100% as it will hit the handle). In that case you may use PAN-1 mechanism.  When using this type of the mechanism you may use for example Rezident Q-5 handle. But at the same time you should know that in opened position one of the halves of the door will partially be blocking the doorway.  The product page may be found below:

Pan-1 Rezident

The 3rd type of slide&fold door is called "The Book". It was the first slide&fold mecahnism invented and it was very popular. The biggest disadvantage of that system is taht when you open the door the big part of it stays in the doorway which is not good as you loose lots of space. The product page may be found below:

 "The Book" system by Rezident

And the last and the most fashionable system is called ROTOR by REZIDENT. When you use that system the door (which is solid and which is not divided into the halves) turns in the doorway by 90d. The system can be equipped with soft-closers which is very convenient and nice to use. The system is patented by our company. Product page may be found below:

 Rotor R-1-15 Rezident 

Also you may check the article about it by using the following link:

 Article about the Rotor system by  Rezident

Those are the most popular and interesting slide&fold systems for wooden doors. The simila harware exists for glass doors too but we will tell you more details aboutthem in the next article!

REZIDENT ESP-150-NO electric strike plate